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24 November 14:00 - 18:00Norrsken House, Stockholm

A crucial discussion about transformation and how to expand the movements for climate action


You are cordially invited to Norrsken House to be part of our studio audience at the live global broadcast of the #WeDontHaveTime no-fly Climate Seminar. Do join us for lunch, socialising and an exclusive presentation about the We Don’t Have Time Social Network.

This is a We Don't Have Time no-fly seminar featuring
: Sandrine Dixson Decléve (The Club of Rome), Anders Wijkman (The Club of Rome), Jamie Margolin (This is Zero Hour), Stuart Scott (Transition University), Cathy Orlando (Citizens' Climate Lobby), Per-Espen Stokenes (Green economics, ecology and economic psychology), Tomer Shalit (Map Launcher),  Maja Rosén (We are Staying on the Ground), CJ Palmér (Sustainable Impact), Ingmar Rentzhog (We Don't Have Time), Tove Ahlström (Global Utmaning).

14.00   Lunch, mingle and pre-broadcast (in Swedish)

Enjoy a climate-friendly lunch and socialise with like-minded guests and speakers before the seminar goes live and is broadcasted globally. Ingmar Rentzhog, founder of We Don't Have Time and Tove Ahlström, CEO of Global Utmaning, set the stage by presenting the premise of the seminar and delivering an exclusive presentation about the We Don’t Have Time Social Network.

15.00-17.30   LIVE BROADCAST (studio audience, in English)
Norrsken House, Birger Jarlsgatan 57 C, 11356 Stockholm, Sweden. 

Moderator: Catarina Rolfsdotter 

If we are to stay below 1,5 °C global warming, emissions have to peak no later than 2020. That is less than 800 days from now. Emissions must also be cut by half by 2030, and to zero by 2050. We need an immediate emergency response by policymakers, businesses and civil society, aimed at an unprecedented transformation of all sectors of society. The Club of Rome’s Climate Emergency Plan, presented by Anders Wijkman, outlines an immediate course of action for policymakers. This will be the point of departure for a solutions-oriented seminar that advances the conversation on how to demand and create real change. We will learn about innovative technical platforms, the transition from conventional growth economics, how to successfully create political change and the growing power of youth movements.

17.30-18.00  Important discussions, drinks and mingle.

It's time to act! 

Thank you for joining.

Waiting list

This is a personal invitation to attend our We Don't Have Time no-fly seminar in Stockholm, Sweden. 

You are invited to attend our seminar on site from Norrsken House, in Stockholm on Saturday 24 November 2018 at 14:00-18:00 Central European Time. You can watch the conference live, mingle with like-minded guests, speakers and have the opportunity to get to know the people behind innovations and movements. We will serve all guests climate-friendly food and beverage. 

There is no entry fee but the number of seats is very limited. Sign up today.

Please note: you are not allowed to fly to this event. If you can't get here by train or other means of climate-friendly transportation please participate instead by joining us on-line.

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Sandrine Dixson-Declève (BEL)
Co-President of the Club of Rome

Sandrine Dixson-Declѐve is Co-President of the Club of Rome since 2018. She has over 27 years of European and international policy and strategic experience with a particular focus on EU and international climate change, environmental, sustainability, green growth and energy policy and strategic programme development. She has built from scratch, fundraised and run EU offices and platforms bringing together business leaders, policy makers, academia and NGO’s. She is a respected facilitator and lecturer on climate change, green growth, conventional and sustainable energy, innovative ideas, and has been the personal advisor to HRH The Prince of Wales, several MEP’s, European Commission Presidents, Commissioners and officials, Governments in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, international organizations including OPEC, ADB, OECD, UNEP, USAID, UNFCCC, IEA and business leaders of large international, European and African companies. Sandrine was recognised by GreenBiz as one of the 30 most influential women across the globe driving change in the low carbon economy and promoting green business.

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Anders Wijkman (SWE)
Honorary Chairman 'The Club of Rome'

Honorary Chairman of the global think tank Club of Rome, chairman of the Governing Board of Climate-KIC – a major public-private partnership at EU level. Member of the International Resource Panel (IRP) – a UN appointed expert body, member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Board member Global Utmaning.

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Stuart Scott (US)
Founder and President of Transition University

Board member, We Don't Have Time Foundation. 
Stuart Scott retired from his conventional career working for money in 2008 to enter an unpaid career of service for the protection of life on Earth. 
In the late 1970s, Stuart Scott was the first environmentalist stockbroker on Wall Street, representing the financial community at US Department of Energy hearings on the fledgling alternative energy industry, and matters of pollution control and corporate social responsibility. His Wall Street experience eventually led him to the conclusion that human civilization has a catastrophically flawed 'operating system', Money and mainstream growth Economics.  Together they constitute a 'meme', a non-genetic 'thought virus,' that has taken humanity as its host.  True to form, this 'virus' destroying the host by converting the natural world on which we depend, into Money as rapidly as possible, with no regard for the well-being of humanity or the biosphere.  



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Jamie Margolin (US)
Founder of 'This is Zero Hour'

Board member, We Don't Have Time Foundation. Founder of Zero Hour, a global youth movement that supports and educates young climate activists in the United States. Plaintiff on one of theYouth vs. Government lawsuits in US where youth are suing the governments over making global warming worse.

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Tomer Shalit (SWE)
CEO Map Launcher

After two decades specializing in Product Management and Agile Development, Tomer decided to dedicate the knowledge and experience gathered in public and private organizations to address a cause that truly concerned him – the climate challenge. Tomer started Map Launcher as a response to the urgent need to provide solutions to climate change. Today Map Launcher is a Swedish based technology company that provides states, cities and companies the tool to break down the world's climate goals into feasible decisions. Map Launcher helps their users to provide transparency, to spread knowledge, to maximize the power of large-scale collaboration and alignment, and to create momentum towards a fossil-free future.

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Jonas Allerup
Climate Analyst, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency are the public agency in Sweden that has an overview of conditions in the environment and progress in environmental policy. We also have the task of coordinating, monitoring and evaluating efforts, involving many agencies, to meet Sweden’s environmental objectives.

Our vision is ‘a good living environment for humans and all other living things, now and for future generations’. Our objective is to leave for posterity a society in which the major environmental problems are solved, without causing more severe environmental and health problems beyond Sweden’s borders.

The Agency works on behalf of the Swedish Government.

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Cathy Orlando (CAN)
National Director of Canadas Citizens' Climate Lobby

Board member, We Don't Have Time Foundation. National Director of Canada's Citizens' Climate Lobby, a non-profit, nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy organization focused on national policies to address climate change. In order to generate the political will necessary for passage of our Carbon Fee and Dividend proposal they train and support volunteers to build relationships with elected officials, the media and their local community. Cathy and Canada's Citizens' Climate Lobby just achieved an important breakthrough. Justin Trudeau has announced that under the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act, Canada will implement a revenue-neutral carbon tax starting in 2019, fulfilling a campaign pledge he made in 2015. Cathy will tell us more about this victory in the context of her organization’s relentless lobbying efforts to impose carbon taxation. 

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Per Espen Stokenes (NOR)
Doctor of Green Economics at Oslo University

Board member, We Don't Have Time Foundation. Psychologist. Doctor of Green Economics at Oslo University. Has published a number of books on ecology and economic psychology. Frequently hired lecturers on the climate crisis's psychology, as well as involved in several cleantech startups.

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CJ Palmer (US)
Founder, CEO Sustainable Soundtracks and Sustainable mPact

Leveraging a globally recognized voice of the sustainability movement and one of Sweden’s most influential music icons,  CJ Palmer has been an advocate of change for more than 20 years. Through the work of his team, fellow musicians, producers and vast connections, Sustainable Impact has already begun bringing artists, fans, sponsors and investors together in the name of progress. 

Sustainble Soundtrack and Cj Palmer are the producer behind the new song We Don't Have Time featuring the swedish rapper 'ADL' (Adam Baptiste) that will be launched on the seminar. 

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Maja Rosén (SWE)
Founder of 'We Stay on the Ground'

Maja Rosén is the founder of “Vi håller oss på Jorden” (We stay on the ground), an organisation that aims to spread awareness of the climate impact of flying and to work towards reduced air traveling. Vi håller oss på jorden runs the campaign “Flygfritt 2019” (Flight-free 2019), in which people pledge to stay on the ground for a year – provided that 100 000 Swedes promise to do the same thing. This way we can take a collective responsibility to reduce our emissions and show the world, including our political leaders, that we are collectively willing to solve the climate crisis. Maja believes that the most important thing we can do to reduce our impact on the climate is to demonstrate our commitment through our actions, and to talk to each other about the climate crisis. She is convinced that everyone carries a slumbering climate fighter within them – but many of us need a nudge to awaken from our passive slumber.

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Ingmar Rentzhog (SWE)
CEO 'WeDontHaveTime'

Board member, We Don't Have Time Foundation and Chairman Global Utmaning. Ingmar is the founder and CEO of WeDontHaveTime. Also founder of the financial communications agency Laika Consulting. Member of Al Gore’s organization Climate Reality Leaders and member of the European Climate Policy Task Force of The Climate Reality Project. 

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Tove Ahlström (SWE)
CEO Global Utmaning

Tove Ahlström has over 15 years experience in sustainability work. Her ability to lead change and deep knowledge of drugs, environment, climate and social responsibility has contributed to sustainable development, ranging from small and large companies to public administrations. Tove is trained by Al Gore and ranked in 2015 as one of the world's most influential Climate Leaders.  By the year 2017, Tove was one of three finalists in Sweden's best sustainability manager and in 2018 she was on the list of the country's 101 sustainability stewards.

Tove is CEO of Global Utmaning (Global Challenge) an independent think tank that promotes sustainable development within social, economic and environmental dimensions.

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Catarina Rolfsdotter (SWE)

Curiosity and flexibility on stage combined with calm and focus from years of yoga practice. This has over the last 15 years given Catarina the opportunity to moderate such challenging events as the EU Commission´s Innovation Conferences, the Eurovision song Contest press events, a number of conferences for the Swedish national, regional and local government and also for universities, NGOs and corporations. Always with sustainability in focus. 

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Linda Söder (SWE)
Strategy Advisor Vattenfall

Linda Söder is Strategy Advisor at Vattenfall, Sweden’s largest power company. She holds an MSc. in Industrial Economics. Her main focus is climate change and her unit at Vattenfall, Strategy and Business Development, works with developing and implementing strategies towards Vattenfall's goal to offer all customers climate-smart energy and enable a life free from fossil fuels within one generation. Linda also runs a network for employee Diversity & Inclusion at Vattenfall.

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Organized by

Global Utmaning @GlobalUt

Global Utmaning (Global Challenge) is an independent think tank that promotes sustainable development. GU creates platforms for collaboration between research, business, politics and civil society, where experience and knowledge exchange form the basis for policy proposals to accelerate the transformation towards sustainable communities.